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Tech Tip 4/15/2011 – Importing Internet Data to Excel

Written by Mike. Posted in Computers, Daily Tips

Oftentimes, users of Excel find they’d like to be able to import data from an external source such as a web page, this is particularly true of web sites that list stock information. What many people don’t know is that Excel does have a facility for doing just this.

To see how it works, open Excel to a new blank document, then click somewhere in your sheet to make it your current document, then click on the Data tab on the main ribbon

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Tech Tip 3/23/2011 – Speed up your PC Day 10

Written by Mike. Posted in Computers, Daily Tips

10.) Defrag the right way!

Defragmenting your hard drive the proper way can speed up your PC in addition to organizing your files. Some programs like Puran Defrag not only defrags your hard drive(s), it also defrags your boot files so your Speeding up your PC – Geeks.comWindows start-ups are quicker. In addition, there are comprehensive programs like Raxco Perfect Disk that optimize the placement of data for maximum performance depending on the settings you choose.

While there are many ways to speed up your computer, the goal for these 10 speed tips are simplicity and ease of use. Yes, you can tinker with your Windows Registry files but if you make a mistake, you can crash Windows just like that! The most important thing to keep in mind is remembering to perform the above cleaning tasks every now and then. (At least once a month) Just like proactively keeping your car in good running condition (ahem, Skyline GT-R!) with timely maintenance, running these applications from time to time keeps your computer running in peak performance. Regardless of whether you have a dual-core, triple-core or quad-core CPU computer, you did pay for your computer’s performance so it makes sense to able to utilize all of it.


Tech Tip 3/22/2011 – Speed up your PC Day 9

Written by Mike. Posted in Computers, Daily Tips

9.) Remove unnecessary programs in Windows

Speeding up your PC – Geeks.comIf you buy a computer from an OEM such as Dell or HP, it’s most-likely filled with “bloatware”, the programs that are usually trial but are installed with the OEM’s copy of Windows. While these programs are harmless, they get annoying because they slow your computer down considerably. You can either manually uninstall each program from CONTROL PANEL – ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, or you can download and install PC Decrapifier. This program searches your computer, targets the programs that are considered bloatware such as “Auto Backup – Free Trial!”, “McAfee 90-day Trial”, and “eMusic” and un-installs them to not only free up hard drive space, but also increase performance.


Tech Tip 3/18/2011 – Speed up your PC Day 5

Written by Mike. Posted in Computers, Daily Tips

5.) Utilize Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware programs

Speeding up your PC – Geeks.comIt’s not rocket science that if your computer is infected with a Trojan, botnet or other type of malicious infection, it can slow down your computer considerably. (And possibly compromise your IT security) Pick up a good anti-virus program like MS Security Essentials or AVG Antivirus if you fancy free versions. If you don’t want to have your system hijacked by a Trojan, pick up Malwarebytes’ Antimalware which can find and quickly eliminate programs such as “Avira AV” which auto-install and trick the unsuspecting victim that he/she is infected. (Then it will try to collect payment from “product activation” but it’s really just a hijacking program) Bottom line, your computer will run faster and much more efficient without these kinds of infections.


Tech Tip 3/17/2011 – Speed up your PC Day 4

Written by Mike. Posted in Computers, Daily Tips

4.) More Computer Memory (RAM) Scotty!

Now is the time to buy RAM/Memory if your computer was built within the last 5 years. The prices of DDR2 and DDR3 RAM have gone down significantly so it would be in your best interest to pick up at least 1-2 GB on top of what you have now. More RAM means that the computer can do a better of job of booting up programs, delegating tasks and increase overall system performance. Check with your respective PC manufacturer to determine how much RAM you computer can accommodate.


Tech Tip 3/16/2011 – Speed up your PC Day 3

Written by Mike. Posted in Computers, Daily Tips

3.) Upgrade your computers hard drive to a new/bigger/faster one!

Speeding up your PC – Geeks.comHard drives are getting faster, cheaper and bigger so pick up a new one! Whether your current one is old, sputtering on its last spindle rotation, or almost at full capacity, you can purchase a 500GB, 750GB or 1 Terabyte drive that has much more buffer cache, faster spindle speeds and can even consume less power! (eco-green models) Even if your current drive is working fine, a second hard drive is handy as a large dumping ground for files or can serve as a place to store back-up images of your current hard drive. If you don’t feel like cracking open your case, you can opt for an external hard drive and dump your archive files there to free up space. The reason is because as a hard drive gets full, its performance decreases because it has to work harder to access files.


Tech Tip 3/15/2011 – Speed up your PC Day 2

Written by Mike. Posted in Computers, Daily Tips

2.) Use a free cleaning utility to clean out your system.

Speeding up your PC – Geeks.comFree programs like C Cleaner delete old junk files, cached pages, temporary files and other unimportant data from your computer, thus freeing up your hard drive. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, Tune Up Utilities is an excellent program that can tackle all things cleaning-related so you don’t have to use multiple programs to clean your computer. C Cleaner also has a Windows Registry cleaning feature that can help clean out your registry for increased performance.

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