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Distributed Audio

Music lovers listen up! Have you ever thought how great it would be to access your music collection from anywhere in your home? If so, then a distributed audio system is just for you. Not only can you access your personal music collection and play it in any room in the house, but you’ll also be able access these types of sources:

  • CD’s
  • iPod’s
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Sirius/XM Radio
  • Streaming Internet Radio such as Pandora and Last.FM
  • HD Satellite or Cable Box Audio

By integrating the sources you want you’ll be enjoying your home like never before. Do you like to entertain? You can set the mood with holiday music or have the audio from the football game playing on the back patio by the BBQ. The possibilities are endless. We even have completely wireless systems available for those of you with an existing home and want a simple and clean installation.

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