Online Backup

  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Virtual Environments (Hyper V, VM Ware)
  • Open File Technology
  • Multiple Versions Retained
  • Fully Automated & Highly Secure
  • No Capital Outlay – Pay only for the data you use.

Take the hassle out of backups. Stop swapping out tapes every day and leave your server to backup to the cloud.

The majority of our clients still use tape or disk backup. There is no problem with this. Backup software makes copies of all the company’s data to disk or to tape each night, and the next day the disk or tape can be removed and taken off site.

The inherent problem is often down to who takes the tapes, did they remember to bring them back in, when the tapes are off site are they secure?

When restoring from tape it can take a long time to find the right tape and read the data from it, disk based backups are faster, but still fiddly.

Of course there are solutions to all these problems and some clients will find that normal backups will suit their requirements for a long time to come.

However for many, the hassle is just not worth it. Elevate PC provides an online backup system that can take multiple copies of data into the cloud. It runs overnight making use of your bandwidth when no one is in the office. Data is replicated to our datacenter in the Northwest, where it is kept securely.

Restoring data is fast. Even if the worst case scenario happened and you lost all your servers in some kind of catastrophe, the datacenter copy will always be there and we can quickly restore the data to new servers.

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