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Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about servers, a world where IT support costs are fixed and where you can access all your IT systems work from anywhere with any computer. A cloud solution from Elevate PC provides all this and with little or no capital cost required to get going!

Our cloud systems are hosted in state of the art facilities in the US. The systems have completely redundant power with backup diesel generators, 100s of gigabits of bandwidth and a service level of 99.99%.

Our virtualization solutions also help your business consolidate its hardware assets. We offer the latest technologies in desktop, application, and server virtualization. Consolidating systems from several platforms, even with different operating systems, reduces administrative overhead and provides centralized management capabilities. Imagine a single management station that can configure and provision volumes, manage backups, and monitor capacity utilization for many systems.

Server virtualization is the masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems, from server users. The server administrator uses a software application to divide one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments. Virtualizing servers allows you to decrease the amount of server hardware your company needs, and server resources you use. With virtualization, one physical server can run a number of different virtual servers.

At home or on the road – no worries – you can access the Elevate PC Cloud service from any Windows PC, and work just as if you are in the office.
In the office – all you need are the PCs, Printers and the Internet Connection. If the power drops in the office – send your team home and they can work from home!
Specialist software? Where other cloud systems fail, Elevate PC’s kicks in. We have extensive experience in enterprise cloud systems & more often than not can work out someway of getting your system migrated to cloud. Recent examples include accountancy systems like Sage or Quickbooks & Databases including recruitment or CRM systems.
Change user quantity with just 30 days notice. No need to buy loads of Microsoft Licenses that you do not often use.
We have a trial system available for instant access for you to test, so why not give it a go today?

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