IT Licence and Hardware Audits

Our audits and  lT licensing services allow our clients to gain a complete understanding of their IT assets. Our professional team can provide independent external auditing services to an expert standard. Whether we are auditing for licensing, software, hardware, networking or security our team is at your disposal.

Why Might you need an audit?

Software Licensing:

Every business has a legal obligation to ensure that it is up to date with it’s software licensing. If you don’t you are under risk of prosecution from many organizations including the BSA, FAST and SIIA, as well as of course the Police and other Government Law Enforcement Agencies.

Don’t panic! It happens to so many successful businesses. When they grow fast, other things take priority.

IT management structures change, organizations merge or IT support teams get replaced. Some companies such as Microsoft offer special discounted programs to provide incentives you to get things legal.

Elevate PC can perform a license audit quickly and cost effectively, and make recommendations on how to bring your software licensing up to date in the cheapest way possible.

Asset Sheet

Your accountant or finance team may need to know exactly what equipment you have to ensure that it is listed on your balance sheet accurately.

ISO 27001

Sometimes considered essential for FSA Compliance, but often used for other purposes is the “ISO/IEC 27001:2005” Published by the International Organization for Standardization. It largely deals with the security of an organizations’ data both in storage and as it crosses the network. Unlike ISO auditing companies we help our clients by recommending and implementing the changes required to achieve the ISO27001certification.

IT Management

Knowing exactly what you have is the first step to planning where you want to go. Once you have this information, you can plan your future IT strategy, check warranty or service status, and even save yourself money. The government saved 80% of HMRC’s costs by implementing more effective IT management.

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