Your IT Guy

Your personal IT Guy is at the heart of our unique ‘Elevated’ support service.

Elevate PC’s ‘Elevated’ support service has been proven to provide our clients with the most flexible and cost effective IT support solution available.

Once we have agreed what level of ‘Techplan’ service is best for you, we assign one of our experienced and industry-certified IT engineers to be your personal ‘IT Guy’. He can be scheduled in for regular visits, or simply called upon when required.

Your IT Guy Understands YOUR Business

Elevate PC maintains personal knowledge of your business, your systems, your staff and your expectations. He will blend in and feel like one of your team. He will not fool you with techno-babble.

Your IT Guy recommends and implements Solutions

Elevate PC proactively and independently recommends and quotes for solutions as and when your business requires them. He will openly and honestly advise you whether your best option is to buy from Elevate PC or from a third party. If the best option is to use a third party he will help you negotiate with them.

Your IT Guy can be contacted 24/7

Elevate PC is available on his mobile, direct line, SMS, or email whenever he is on duty (as long as he is not with another client). Your IT Guy is willing to help whenever he can, but if he can’t pick up your call, his backup team are there, ready and able to respond instantly.

Your IT Guy has Proven experience

Elevate PC has a combined 30 years of experience in doing what makes your systems run right.

Your IT Guy is Prepared

Elevate PC will say Yes! From iPads to Server systems, we will use all the resources at his disposal to help you.

Your IT Guy is Accountable

Elevate PC logs all activity for historical / performance reporting on our in-house database system. He can see the real-time status of service or sales orders as well as updates from any other engineer that may have been helping you in his absence.

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