Proactive Warning Service

Elevate PC monitors your servers and/or workstations 24 x 7, and alerts our service team if there are any problems. More often than not, this allows us to fix a problem before it becomes critical. We find that clients that take out this service have more reliable systems with higher up-times.

What does the Proactive Warning Service system monitor?

The key items that the service monitors are:

  • The current server status – is it running?
  • Windows Services which are vital components of your server’s operating system.
  • Availability of various network devices, remote offices or your website.
  • Free Disk space – if you run out your server may crash.
  • RAID devices. On most servers if one disk fails, you can fix it without issue. If you loose two disks the server dies. It’s important to know when the first disk fails.
  • Hacking Attempts – how many people are trying to log on to your server but failing?
  • Is the Anti Virus System up to date – it is not much use if it is not.
  • Did the backup work?  For most companies this is invaluable information!
  • Are database sizes within manageable parameters? Some databases like Microsoft Exchange Server will crash unexpectedly if they grow too large.

We will email you a Daily Safety Check Report so you can see the results for yourself.


Extended Reporting

We can also send out Weekly and Monthly management reports providing high level information about outages and trends experienced during the month or week. Together, we can address these issues and further improve your systems availability.


What can our Proactive Warning Service monitor for you?

   Each PC    Each Server    Extended Reporting

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