Communications and Telecoms Support

A faulty telephone system not only disrupts your day to day business operation but can also influence a customer’s perception of your organization. Hearing an unobtainable tone, intermittent static or a muffled voice at the other end of the line isn’t going to reassure your customer or help your team win new business.

At Elevate PC customer service and support are at the heart of our business, we excel in delivering flexible and cost effective support solutions tailored to individual business needs. We combine a proactive and reactive approach to ensure your communications achieve maximum up-time.

When an issue does arise, whether a fault with a telephone handset or microphone, an error with video conferencing or VOIP software, a faulty socket or cable in the office or a problem with the phone line itself, our experienced support engineers are on hand to provide remote support or an onsite visit to remedy the problem swiftly.


What does Telecoms Support include?

Telephone Hardware Support

Repair, upgrade and replacement of faulty equipment including handsets, microphones, desktop conference systems

Telecom Provider Management

We liaise with telecom providers such as Centurylink, Cable One, Integra Telecom and others to remedy line faults.

Telecom Implementation

Setup, configuration and on-going support of VOIP and digital telephone systems from suppliers.

End User Support

Remote and on-site support providing help and advice on using your telephone hardware and software.


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