Business Telephone Systems

Why Choose Elevate PC for your business Telephone System?

A hosted or cloud based PBX can make great financial sense for start ups and smaller businesses. Larger firms may well benefit from buying their own phone systems.
Save you Money – Guaranteed! We can save you money by reducing your IT and telecommunications costs. Technologies such as VoIP can save you around 50% from your phone bill. Don’t feel like you have to buy a phone system, it’s cheap easy to use our serviced cloud phone system.
Our advice is our own, based on years of experience. Our straight talking team will let you know all your options.
Technical Expertise.
We have unrivaled engineering and technical knowledge of telecoms and IT infrastructure, and are experts at helping migrate from inflexible legacy systems to the limitless potential of secure, cloud based infrastructures.
We can provide fixed (ISDN) lines as well as Voice over IP Solutions that can be considerably more cost effective.
Maximum Choice
We offer three award winning telecommunications systems as well as a hosted cloud solution.

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